August 9, 2009

Vortex of change

A strange compelling feeling has always urged us to seek those things we never owned, never had and always "thought" we deserved. What strikes us most when we obtain such things is the fact that we did not really own such “idealistic materials” at all. Yes, you read it correctly, it is never ours, not entitled with our initials or anything, not yours!

It is mind-gobbling how far we go to succeed in fulfilling our materialistic brains by possessing. Things we do not really deserve, let’s be honest since they are not ours in the first place, tend to always remind us of that little object in the window of a glamorous uptown shop screaming “have me, I am all alone and sad!”

Long story short, it is called advertisement. Believe it or not, all our lives we are deceived into believing what we lack is actually what we “want” leading us to disregard what we actually “need” in order to prosper and develop our societies. Some may argue this is the master plan of those who aim to control our freedoms into their gain and develop us as robots systemized for their benefit. Somehow true, yet others also may argue, who is to decide what is and what is not in real life, with disregard of spirituality that not all believe in, like it or not, we all tend to agree no one should!

Shocking as it may seem, this deception which we are targeted by since birth starts from the womb; mothers singing sweet lullabies to their growing children until it is a routine of childhood life, fathers unconsciously subjecting wives and families to a mechanism of servitude, a very efficient machine for control, and many others which vary in form and source. Nevertheless, the most affective and hypnotic tool of radical conviction-reformative tools is the evolutionary media network, very accessible and easy to use.

The issue being presented here is not a new one, nor it is an old, it is an ancient renewable touch point to tackle per generation. A problematic universe is being created based upon this medium of examination, I personally believe, to one’s endurance ability. Justified to religion, to the reason of and to other exploratory analysis by different kinds of theologies and believes.

Whether we believe that we are brain-washed or not, we are! All we need to do is wake up to embrace this new notion of true life which we ever have been ignorant of its truth. A friend constantly reminds me of his saying “You can’t embrace the past, you shouldn’t!” I never saw the good of that till at one point I did, a lesson well-learned thanks to my dear friend. As humans, we tend to deny the truth and get sucked into this vortex of deceptive almost realities which invade our minds and lives. We grow numb and disabled to live life normally. However, when we gain the strength to actually defy the norms and consider all the possibilities, this is only when we really are able to clearly state “we are not brain-washed!” Such an experience is a rare one, does not come easily or occasionally. One must struggle through the hardest battles of all times taking on himself the pledge of conquering the battle of mind and soul which, lost or won, can only lead to liberation of both!

We are not to forget where we came from, nor what we are or what we aspire to be in the future. We must not erase our pasts, reconstruct our presents or rephrase our ambitions for the future. And we are not to reform! Simply, what we are to do is to reflect on all of those by remembering the good moments, learning from our falls, re-establishing ourselves into our presents and ultimately, progress the embitterment of our futures.


  1. "“You can’t embrace the past, you shouldn’t!”"
    your friend was right there! I've experienced so myself.

    I like your writing style, keep it up, I'll pass by every now and then.

    - Zack.

  2. @Zack: Thanks dear for passing by. Miss you bro =)