August 27, 2009

>>> One Red Rose <<<

One white flower
Right from heaven
Right from the stars..

There lays the horizon
Between the words and the dots

I can't forget the feeling
Can't deny what had been said
Words and words are cheering
Peaceful birds ahead

Just the other night
Such an amazing flight
Roses of silver white
Cannot stop what's right

Enjoying every moment
Enjoy every bite
Act like you own it
Be welling to fight

Down they came
Boring like rain
Unleashing what’s inside
Recovering our pain
Killing our laughters
Rejecting all we've gained

After the dawn of peace
The dawn of ease Red roses of hatred
Red roses of pain

One red rose
That's all what it took
One poisoned red rose
It shines and glows
It turns and flows
It kills as it grows
It kills as it grows

It started with a white one
It ended with the red

I thought I was a wise gun
Until it came I no longer did !!

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