August 27, 2009

>>> The Blue Seeker Rose <<<

The story goes on..
The song of the silver night is sung..

It started with a white one..
It ended with the red..

I thought it was a wise gun..
Until it came I no longer did!!!

Sparkly blue..
It sparkled in the eyes of a few..
Faster than the fast..
Amid us it flew..

As amazed we were there..
Looking at and not gazing away..
The angel that has come amid us..
Gave us peace and took away the fuss..

No red was seen..
No white was seen either..
No war has been..
It just grew further and further..

The red rose faded away..
A background to the scene it stayed..
Listening to what is being said..
Alive as if dead..

As blue as the sky of the day..
As fare as a feather..
It spoke to thy about the wisdom of the way..
It simply made us feel better..

Life is love and love is life..
We are all the same..
It's the saying of thee above..

Feel the peace..
Let go of hatred..
Don't always seize..
Just enjoy the fragrance..

And as they lied there..
Beneath the silver Blue..
They felt the true meaning of fate..
That Blue is here to set it al free..

Life goes on and we grow they said..
It's not worth it this fight is not..
Hand-in-hand we shall voice it..

A message of peace on this land!

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