October 4, 2012

Sugarcubes of Life

I would very much enjoy every bit of emotions if I were a morning dew. Life would be far more real. Things have changed since last summer. I have gained wonderful people after losing so many neglected souls all at once. Two people have made this past year worth going through and certainly have eased the tides I had to face knowing I was not going to be alone.

Nonetheless, things have gotten out of hand. You see, I became human for once in my lifetime; I was able to tastes food, breath Oxygen in and feel emotions I never thought I was fortunate enough to be given the blessing of during my short time on planet earth. Things became far more important, warmer and colors tasted so sweet once I experienced the different textures they became once they blended with my soul. I became alive.

Not too shortly, however, I lost that wonder. I became greedy, I think. Too much of a selfish human being that was addicted on the elixir of life, once.

My mom passed away ten years ago. My father disowned me nine years ago. I turned forty eight years ago. I was sexually molested for the second time seven years ago, I took off my scarf six years ago. I became socially known five years ago. I embraced a career four years ago. I started applying for international scholarships three years ago. I came to the United States two years ago. And I gained political asylum one year ago.

They say, water is blue because it reflects the color of the sky.What a beautiful notion this is when we embrace our insignificance and attempt to draw a prettier image for our lives. This makes things better, sometimes, especially when after eight years of pure nothingness, you are just You.