August 27, 2009

My Story

This is it a dot, a full stop..
This is me and this is my story..
This is where I call you with no hope..
Of ever defeating my glory..
This is it, this is all I got..
Let's leave it up to the jury..

One stupid stupidity..
One big love story..
I gave up all of my immunity..
And madly fell in your love territory..

A risk I was so welling to take..
I never thought I need to fake..
And never had to do that mistake..
For your morality was my break..

Another world was set for you and me..
Another place for us to be..
One more space one more tree..
Imagination was alive and free..
It showed us what we wanted to see..

Reality bites..
Whenever you or I have lost this fight..
How can we switch on our life..
Where is the key to this light..

Now I must move on..
Let go and be strong..
But my soul is here lying alone..
Hopelessly listening to this song..
It cannot be undone..
Our love can’t be forever gone..

Dear Allah! Dearly beloved God of mine!
It is now too late after nine..
My soul bleeds for thine..
To be there when I try some wine..
Or I lose my rime..
Oh, Thee! Oh Devine!
I love him with all my spine..
I ask you to let this feeling shine..
High above and guide me to the line..
In which I shall fall till the end of time..

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