August 21, 2012

I rimes if you only attempt

Stepping slowly along the widened alley
Disappears, it disappears like an allusion
Just follow the river into the valley
You’ll find your own sacred confusion
Pray faithful, my friends do not bury
We witness our souls collide in fusions instant.

We love so hastily, so passionate, so ill
Disappear, It disappears in an hour.
Oh! We love, yes, love, what a whim
And our passion us rapidly devour
Do not wallow, dear, do not mill
After yesterday & today come to-morrow
smothered in burry fur.

Hasting, hasting we disappear so fast
Amidist the fading mirrors of was
Not the presenet, it is what's past
That we rectify as our ‘cause
Fading in a garden of one last
Hiss of them saving the buzz
Till that black shapely mark ends

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