September 1, 2011

"Abu Amal"

Today is a day my whole nation is mourning. I guess it you'd think in the midst of the chaos, it is normal. But it is!

Today a great icon, a father, a companion, a fighter, a leader and the most undying symbol of the love of Bahrain has passed away. Abdulrahman Alnoaimi is the great symbol of the public demands since his early life. He lived a life of dedication to justice and rights, devotion to see a better future for this country until he no longer could. I do not want to write a passage about him because no matter how much I write, how expressive words of any language can be or what aspects of his struggle I can bring to you, I will fail miserably to justly exemplify his spirit that even in his years of unconsciousness has been the heart and soul of our ongoing struggles and demands.

All I wish today is, I love you and I pray that God can give you what you have fought hard for in this life.

May you rest in peace Abu Amal.

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