August 11, 2011

Bahrainis: Prisoners in their Homes

Those who claim we have no tankers, armed men, arbitrary policemen, use of violence and live ammunition in Bahrain, are simply blinded from the reality living in areas populated with pro-government or royals. Isolation from those in need and under attack have struck some people indifferent to the massacres that continue to exist in Bahrain.

Claims that this is a special uprising where many laws have been broken and the whole country's people have gotten involved making it a unique crisis, is absurd. This is no different from the events in the 1990s when people were constantly isolated, cornered, threaten, imprisoned, expelled, dismissed, trialed, convicted, attacked, and killed. We have had such death occur before in the 1970s and the 1960s as far as my mind and heart could stand. How can we still claim that no one died on the hands of the Bahraini government, no one was targeted unjustly or even treated as traitor in the past and until today? People have been lost, families are being destroyed, friendships have ended and conspiracy lives on.

I do not support violence, not any sort of violence nor by any party and condemn those who committed it and want them to be trialed. What I refuse and will do until the moment I die is to see my people be played by Bahrain's local media and projected as mere traitors supporting Iran's agenda in Bahrain, Saudi military's invasion of the streets of my country as the "State of Emergency" was declared in Bahrain, and I moslty refuse to give up my fight.

I am proud of those speaking so bravely to the international media, spreading the messages of the locals to the world as the Bahraini government's campaign to silence us from saying what we think to the world in order to show them that there are voices being silenced, victims being oppressed and confessions being forced under torture.

Bahrain is not KSA where people are successfully silenced, many a majority has better choices than activism, one man speaking out out of a million can disappear without being noticed, women are enslaved by men and a few brave ones, especially those courageous women who want to see the best of their country to reach the surface.

Bahrain is not the USA where justice is still a dream when the people believe it is achieved, equality is far more progressive, the death of a national is a state-level crisis that could reach the national attention, where you can be who you are and even work to make laws legal for your existance to be protected by state and national laws.

Bahrain is no longer "lemharraq", "elmanama", "aali", "elrifaa", "madinat hamad", "madinat isa" or "sitra.

Bahrain today is a wounded nation forgotten for its small size, for being part of the Gulf Corporation Council, for being a strategic economic and trade station where the United STates' fifth biggest fleets is stationed expressing where the world stands from the uprising in Bahrain.

Today, citizens are trapped in targeted areas inside of their homes, avoiding too much movement in order to avoid being shot through the windows by riot police bullets, others are on the edge of hysteria are bullets and gunshots have demolished what's left of hope in their hearts, others are begging you to hear their cries as they are beaten by police, shunned by the society and their families for simply debating what they believe in.

Now tell me, if you truly and righteously believe that the protesters just want Iran to form the new religious government, the fall of the regime, simply to purposely incite hatred and divisions, or to simply try to be one of the other Arabic nations that occupied the international community, then why isn't everyone being trialed as we all committed crimes according to the Bahraini government's pattern.

The government has held Investigation Committees in universities consisting mainly of BDF military staff have charged students for participating in unlicensed gatherings and marches, carrying offensive mottoes to the political leaders, urging for the downfall of the system and offending the political leaders of the Kingdom, thus, expelling students. It also charged employees in different jobs, imprisoned doctors, nurses, journalists, political leaders and protesters for speaking out what they blieve is right, marching to emphasize that, writing, posting and expressing their feelings on social media websites. My question here, if the government truely believe that these peoplehave either fabricated or spread unconfirmed news and lies, what about the pro-government protests? What about the pro-government swords and weapons that were raised next to Al-fateh mosque, is not that a bigger threat of national security, hatered towards another segment of the population that is? Is blocking roads more dangerous that hateful religious men calling for execution of who they believe to be traitors? How about the websites that they used to target individuals, companies and NGOs? Isn't that spreading unconfirmed news and lies, the same crimes the government accused opposition of? What about Bahrain TV's constant condeming, acclaimed and absolute knowledge of the truth, entitling those sought fit of the opposition as traitors, Iran-allies and causes of unrest in Bahrain? Is not that offensive mottos to the political leaders as they seem to "surprisingly" agree with the military and normal courts in terms of judgements? And let's not forget the newspapers that were shut for speaking against the governmetn's actions when those who continue to praise th egovernment and incite hatred and violence amongst the citizens still run without any disturbance?

If the government is truely trying to calm the situation by preventing hatred and divisions led by Iranina supported agendas, maintaining the flow of normal life in the capital, preventing violence, then why do the Investigation Committees refuse to hear the investigated individuals' own statements ans sayings, force them to sign a statement they cannot keep a copy of, riot police seem to be wandering untamed in the streets of Bahrain, hateful speech walks proudly and freely in all meduims of communication in the country and not a signal pro-government have been found at fault?

The answer is simple; if you need to fight so hard to prove your truth, you are either not the power in the country or you are and you're scared.

Under attack on daily basis, frightened to reveal the curtains of the windows to see what is going around them, cornered by tankers and bullets and beastly men, Bahraini do not give up your cause.

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