August 5, 2011

"Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark"

I believe that this Aljazeera film came as a heart-filled bow to the struggle in my country. It has been ages since I wrote last and it is not because I ran out of words, silenced or occupied by other ridicules of life. But, because I have been terrified in a way I have never been in my life.

My name is Fatima, I am 21 years old, I believe in one thing above all in my life, morality, and I have fought through my life standing on that sole principle. Those who know me know how committed to that I am, those who  view me as an acquaintance probably are not bothered by my tendencies, and those who have enlisted me amongst their enemies know exactly how determined I am to stand for my principle regardless. Remembering this bio of mine has reminded me of a principle in my life, fear nothing and nobody but God. Thus, I will no longer hide behind my hesitation nor allow those who have made me a target misuse my kindness and destroy me.

The Aljazeera documentary came at a perfect timing as the "National Dialogue", which I personally all along viewed as a simple charade by king Hamad's dynasty in order to distract international attention, which terrifies the Bahraini government, from the reality in the streets, prisons and movements of Bahrain. It echoed the pains and oppressed souls of the Bahraini people who for so long have dreamed of a place where government is not afraid of its people. Yes, a government of that sort.

The current Alkhalifa family along with its GCC allies and foreign strategic supporters have sought to silence any rebellion that would threaten their continuance. In the past decades and prior to this year, it has always been more contained, much fewer people suffered arbitrary treatment by the military and riot police, and with the same arrests, marches and protests, people still remained in better conditions than 2011 arbitrary attacked of the Alkhalifa dynasty.

Many people around the world tuned in as the events in Bahrain were the main focus of the international media, not because of the uprising in Bahrain or due to the unique demands of my people; they tuned it merely because it marked, to them, as it occupied the front pages of newspapers, the fall of another oppressive regime in a backward democracy in the Middle East. The reality is, Bahrain is the most democratic country in the Gulf region regardless of anyone's claims; we have been protesting, gathering and demanding for constitutional change since king Hamad's new constitution of 2001, even before that people have asked for a better regime and a just government. All of these are things that are rare in countries in the Gulf as powerful royalties work hard and simultaneously to sustain and prolong the lives of their era on terms of economic, political and constitutional oppression that has exploded in Bahrain and KSA this year due to the crimes of the Bahraini government.

I have failed to be part of this revolution in person, which is what I have struggled with the most being here in the United States. However, I tried my best to spread their calls, keep people I knew here interested and also help in whichever way I was able to to support the uprising.

This film full-heartedly describes the feelings of the free people of my country who stood for change throughout the arbitrary campaigns and still do, believed in one another, and defied the power of Alkhalifas. Unfortunately, many have been beaten to death, tortured to death, silenced, dismissed from jobs and school and trialed, and many more are still suffering that, all as a part of the Alkhalifa dynasty's systematic arbitrary oppression in order to silence the uprising, maintain their power, restore fear to the majority of people, further establish the long-lived claims of Iran's influence theory, and to continue stealing lands, money and resources from the people of Bahrain.

The only way out of such oppression in Bahrain, as proved by our king's appointees, supporters, ministers and Bahrain TV, death. What a democratic way to rule a country once a significant majority of the people had a unified dream that was beyond race, ethnicity, gender and sects. We all dream of a better regime where there is no fear to say what you think at any place and time based on our humanity and morality.

International interest is significantly lost int he past few months providing success to the master plan of our royals. I am trusting in the youth generation of my country to guarantee that does not go on any much longer and to project the world that a well-informed audience is one that questions everything especially that which suffers a great deal of opposition.

The strength behind every uprising is the belief in its cause and the acceptance of the consequences. My people have expressed such principles and they our ought to see it through sooner or later.

طريقنا انت تدري.. شوكٌ، وعرٌ، عسيرُ 
موتٌ على جانبي.. لكننا سنسيرُ
إلى الأمام، إلى الأمام، إلى الأمام سنسير

(أشد على أياديكم على طريق النضال والنصر". رفيقكم سعد (محمد بونفور"

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