November 12, 2009

A Pearl of Mystic Rythem

I was born and raised here, my parents were, my uncles, my aunts, my grandparents and my every bit and piece of heart belongs to this place. Bahrain, I stand forever proud to be forgotten by everyone within your seas.

We’ve been walking by the seashores for too long, tired yet mesmerized, we’re lost in the midst of this atmosphere. Bedazzled with the kindness and humbled by the unlimited warmth, we have strayed away from our destinations within this place. Small in space, yes this is the fact, but ever small in grace it will be.

Indescribable is the state I’m in at this moment, I always wished to be lost, yes lost, I’m one amongst too many that wish to be lost out here. Here I am striding the streets of simplicity, exhausted by my great state of joy for I’m walking the walk I always dreamt of. The grass is moist with fresh cool dews allover, the breezes are softly running through my hair, the sky is clear, the stars are colored, tonight the stars are lights of each great building surrounding me painting this almost perfect and still painting of peace.

Right opposite of me is the stadium that always reminded me of who I really am, of my past, the past of all the simple people I encounter each morning. It stands there in glory, bright white and flawless, it tells to each visitor the story of my country, the story of the one pearl at the top of it.

Bahrain has a past that is never forgotten, modernized to this new arena of great architect and still untouchable is its generousness. Bahrain has a story of all the different places, Bahrain is the country where various living cultures today choose to be.


  1. Loved the words, they have souls.

    You know? With all the bad and good we never can or dare to dislike being here. We'll always love and fight to be here.

  2. This is the unexplainable beauty that words have Fatoom.

    This is where the drug of nationalism kicks in, I guess. =)

    Thank you for passing by dear.